Your Best Investment

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

This one's going to be emotional.

Last weekend was a big one.

​Our older daughter Gabby just graduated from college.

​It was SO FUN for my wife Becky and I to both to see her all weekend, attend the graduation in person and celebrate all she accomplished:

I was so excited I invented a new dad move.

Here's a photo of what I'm calling The Big Squeezer.

There was a LOT to celebrate.

A lot for a dad to be proud of.

We didn't talk much about Gabby's accomplishments as we spent the weekend with her.

​We all reflected on her effort:

​Last weekend was amazing.

I couldn't be prouder as a father.

​Proud of Gabby's accomplishments.

​Proud of her results.

​But what I'm most proud of?

How hard she worked to build her skills.

There's no doubt in my mind:

Growing our skills is the best investment we can make.

What We Just Created

I'm elated with how our podcast is growing!

​We've grown nearly 3x from last fall, and I was happy with it then. We're making a big impact.

​I think it's the amazing guests that are creating word of mouth: James Clear, Dorie Clark, Kelley O'Hara, Dan Pink, Vanessa Van Edwards, Molly Fletcher, Josh Kaufman, Michael Hyatt and so many more.

​Mashing up our business development expertise with each of their expertise is building my skills!

​I'm learning so much.

​Great news: we just created a YouTube channel just for the podcast!


There's just an episode or two there now because we're slowly adding all the back catalog

​Subscribing now is a great way to:

What's Worth Lingering On

Gabby made a big investment in herself in college.

​She had a great college career.

​She built an incredible base of skills.

Investing in ourselves is the best investment we can make.

My technique: pick one skill at a time to focus on.

​Read the best books. Listen to killer podcasts. Roll up my sleeves and practice, even if it seems risky.

​My friend Josh Kaufman found that the first 20 hours of learning a skill are the most important, so I commit to at least 20 hours per skill.

What's the next skill you want to commit to learning?

Pause for a sec and think about that.

​Why pause?

​I usually end these articles with a question for you, just like that one. The pause naturally happens, since it's the end.

​But today, there's more. One more thing.

My friends, this is a plot twist.

​Gabby is going to be successful.

​The habit of investing in herself is going to be key.

​But there's something even more important.

And it's what I'm most proud of as a father.

It's what I believe is the most important thing that brings success.

​And happiness too.

​For all of us.

This is what I'm most proud of.

Gabby is kind.