Your #1 Metric To Track In 2022

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

Here's the #1 metric I want you to focus on in 2022.

My friend Ron Friedman has a cool saying...

Our brains love numbers.

​Think about how much focus people put into...

​Their age.

​The number of likes they get on a post.

​What their raise or work ratings were last year.

Yes, we focus on numbers.

Especially when they quantify something about us.

​We can tap into that and leverage it.

​We can create metrics that motivate.

​Here's my #1 metric that can help people get better at BD. My recovering actuarial brain came up with it about 10 years ago.

And I track it religiously.

​It's called the GrowBIG Index.

​Super simple:

​That's your GrowBIG Index.

(Note this is best calculated annually–the number bounces around too much to look at it more frequently.)

The results are incredibly interesting!

​This is your effectiveness at BD. Your throughput per hour spent on growth.

​Calculate yours right now. I'll wait.

​Got it?

​You're probably wonderingwhat's the right answer?

​You guessed it. It depends.

​It depends on how big your contracts amounts typically are. And how far along you are in your career. There are lots of variables, and no "right" range.​

I've seen numbers as low as $500/hour for people just starting out to as high as $50,000/hour for experts at the top of their game who work with large contracts.

​The key to success?

It's not where you're at now.

It's improvement.

​I'll give you steps to improve your GrowBIG Index below.

​But in the meantime, I've got more value for you!

What We Just Created


We're back to our normal cadence with Season 3 of Real Relationships Real Revenue.

Did you check out Jeff Berardi's interviews?

Here's my favorite of the five with Jeff.

​Jeff's been the CMO/CBDO at global law and consulting firms. He's so goodand a great person to boot.​

And then we had Debby Moorman!

​Debby is a senior leader at Willis Towers Watson and one of my favorite people ever. She's smart, dynamic, and fun.

​And just got a huge promotion...

​She's now the Health & Benefits North America Leader!

​​Here's my fav of Debby's five.

Jeff and Debby both knocked it out of the park.

​They're client-focused rainmakers that care about their teams.

They're amazing people.

And you can learn so much from them by checking out the links above!

What's Worth Lingering On

OK, so how can you use your GrowBIG Index?

​Here's what you need to succeed:

​I just love the GrowBIG Index.

I can't think of another metric that better measures your BD efficiency.

It'll get your number-loving brain focused on three key metrics:

  1. How much you brought in.
  2. How much time it took.
  3. How efficient you are overall.

Once you've got it measured, you can improve it.

Yes, our brain loves numbers.

Pick this one to love. Then measure it once a year. A new calendar year is the perfect time. Like, today.

And no matter where you're at with your GrowBIG Index...focus on improving it.

​So then next year at this time...

You'll love the number.


ps. Here's a pro ninja tip. Build this into your next big meeting. Have everyone in your entire practice area/regional office/client team calculate and share your GrowBIG Index. Sharing across a group is incredibly insightful and motivating!