Win Your Week!

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

The monsoon of madness never ends!

Emails, Teams messages, and client requests keep coming.

I can never seem to win.

This is what one of our clients said in an amazing GrowBIG Training class this week.

Monsoon of madness.

I get it.

​I used to be world class at focusing on what I didn't get done. That was my default.


​I used to end each week staring at the list--the things that didn't get done yet.

​Ending a Friday like that stinks.

Let's just all agree right now. The monsoon of madness is never going to end.

​Inbox Zero is awesome but only lasts a few seconds.

​There will always be another client issue--it's what we're paid to solve!

​And business development? There's always something else you can do to be proactively invest in your best clients.

The only way to win this game is to set new rules.

And they're simple.

​Many of you know our MIT process, but bear with me. This is a new angle I haven't explained well.

​Until today.

It's a reason WHY the MIT process is so important.

First, the process:

​Pick three and only three business development priorities a week.

​Not the easy things.

​Not the half-done things.

​The Most Important Things.

​Pick them so they fit these criteria that spell BIG:

If you pick three things a week that fit these criteria, and you do them, you've won the week.

That's enough.

​You can do more if you want. Go for it!

But do these three things first.

​At the end of the week, feel it: doing those three things is enough.

​There will be more emails.

​More client priorities.

​More BD tasks.

​But do those three things every week, and you'll win.

​3 a week. 150 a year. 1500 a decade.

​Do that. Every week.

​Don't worry about what's next, what didn't get done.

​Instead, celebrate.

​You did enough.

You won the week.

​Time for a cocktail!

What We Just Created

Long time readers know I'm a big fan of Shawn Blanc's Focus Course and Margin Course.

​They're great!

Shawn and I just released several podcast episodes on our show, and my favorite was this one.

​Super fun to apply Shawn's concept of margin to deepening relationships!

What's Worth Lingering On

Before I started my weekly MIT process, I would work off a long, freeflowing list of to dos.

​Sometimes--no joke--I had written down 100s of ideas I could do.

​Some personal ideas, others professional.

​Some very short term, some longer term.

​Some were easy tasks and others, honestly, entire projects.

​With this long list, it was too easy to choose what was easy.

​And, since it was long, I never felt like I got enough done.

The weekly MIT process ended that.

Picking my three MITs at the start of the week declared what victory was.

Getting them done won the week.

To heck with the monsoon of madness. It'll be there Monday.

​Getting the 3 MITs done wins the week.

​And, man, does it feel good.

What's the next thing you can do to win your weeks?