Why You Should Start Looking at Your Business like a Pro Athlete

By Mo Bunnell

In our last episode, we talked about how business development is a learnable skill, and in this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, I’m building on that. You need to think about business development like a pro athlete would think about developing their skills. If they’re at the top of their game, they are focused on improving in any way possible. That’s how you should be approaching business development.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

  • How you should be thinking about business development
  • Why you should find a way to measure your BD activities

When you think about these 100 micro lessons, I want you to go back to the ones that were meaningful to you. I want you to go back to the ones that you want to try. I want you to find a way to measure the most important elements of your activities, your business development, and your success. Attack it in a way that you're always striving to get a little bit better.

If you want to learn more about this topic, listen to my conversation with Kelley O’Hara. We talk about a lot of things in this episode that apply to business development and how you should approach it.

Resources Mentioned:

Listen to my conversation with Kelley O’Hara