What To Do When You're Stuck

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

Listicle alert!

We all get stuck.

Maybe it's a bad night's sleep. Things don't seem to be going well.

Or you got fired, your dog is sick, and your truck broke down.

​Sorry, that sounded like a country music song.

​Seriously though, stuff happens. To all of us. We can get in a rut.

(The science is called Psychological Momentum and it's real.)

​So what do you do?
​Two things.

​First, flip the script: quit thinking about yourself. Think about others.

​Selfishness can get us stuck.

Other-ish gets us going.

​Second, after you change your mindset...


Small actions create BIG Psychological Momentum.

​Five easy ideas:

  1. Write a client or strategic partner and thank them for how they've impacted you.

    Bonus points for hand written notesThey're more impactful today than ever. Old school!
  2. Offer to introduce a client to someone that would help them.

    Bonus points if it isn't something which you can commercially gain from. Focus on their goals not yours.
  3. Invite a client to an event like a webinar, conference or a meal with you.

    Bonus points if you add value beyond simple attendance, like offering to have the webinar speaker talk with them 1:1. There's no traffic when you go the extra mile.
  4. Send a client something physical like a book, article or small token of appreciation.

    Bonus points for "annuity" subscriptions like a book or cocktail of the month club. You set these up one time, but the clients will think of you dozens of times. See this link for 60+ thought-provoking examples! Wow these are interesting. 
  5. Suggest a way to celebrate a client's successes.

    Bonus points if it helps the client reach their goals, like how co-speaking with you at a conference would help a client's personal brand or a joint team celebration/event will help their team bond together after two challening years. Here are some interesting and creative ideas!

​I hope those ideas and links inspire you.

​Psychological Momentum is real. When we feel positive momentum, things are easy.

​But sometimes, we get stuck.

It's easiest to get stuck when we're focused on ourselves.

And it's easiest to get going when we focus on helping people.

Ask yourself: who can you help today?

Let's get Other-ish!