What Business Development REALLY Means, According to Jeff Berardi

By Mo Bunnell

Mo asks Jeff Berardi: What is your personal definition of business development?

Mo asks Jeff Berardi: What is your personal definition of business development?

  • Business development is creating a pipeline of future growth opportunities. You won’t know when they come to fruition or how, but it’s a steady process of cultivating and building relationships.
  • There is never enough when it comes to business development because you never know when the well is going to go dry. By having a large pipeline, you have the ability to choose who you work with rather than having to take whatever comes your way.
  • The lack of control is a major source of stress for people. Business development activities give you back the control over who you work with and how.
  • You may be busy, but you must set aside time for business development opportunities or you might end up resentful of how much you are working.
  • By having more opportunities than you need, you can say no to stuff you don’t want and the more you’re going to get paid. You also regain control on who you work with and which big ideas you get to work on.
  • The commonality in cases where people are struggling with business development and people who thrive is fear. For those who are already successful, it’s a fear of losing what they’ve achieved. For those who are struggling, it’s a fear that they can’t be successful or that business development is beyond them.
  • When you change the mindset from a fear of not being capable, to being afraid of too much success, you open the door of opportunity. The rainmakers have learned the tools they need to succeed and they have confidence in the process.
  • Knowing that business development is a learnable skill is what flips someone from fear to confidence.

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