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By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

Short one this week with tons of value!

People are really digging Season 4 of the podcast–100 short and sharp episodes covering all the skills you need to be great at growth.

But wait, there's more!

Our team mapped these to the new GrowBIG Training module structure I showed you last week!

​Here's a PDF summarizing these: YT - 2023.04.10 Real Relationship Real Revenue x GrowBIG Training Playlist.pdf

​Download this and you'll be able to look up a GrowBIG topic, then click right through to the YouTube episode where I explain it.

​This is great to...

​Also, you might want to bookmark the Season 4 YouTube playlist. This will give you the entire season in numerical order. It's HERE.

​Back to the PDF.

​Download, save, and click on some topics to try it out...​

Then hit reply and let me know what you think!

Like all of our other tools, this is our investment in your success.


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