Use This In Your Business Growth Strategy: Ask Elevating Questions During Sales Calls

By Mo Bunnell

Future questions ask people to articulate what they think a future should look like. Elevating questions explore the present at a high level.

Examples include: “How do you think your CEO sees this fitting in with your overall strategy?”, “What are the most important personal metrics for you this year, and how does this issue impact them?”, “What’s your favorite thing about your job right now?”, “If you had to choose some personal metrics right now that would elevate your profile and get you a big bonus, what would they be?”

For questions around a specific issue, you’re focusing on the opposite of elevate and paying more attention to today at a detailed level.

Examples include: “If you had to pick one process or step that was the most important to get right, what would it be?”, “If you could choose one quick win we could focus on and accomplish, what would it be?”, “What one person should we give some extra attention to in the meeting next week?”, and “What’s the number one thing we can improve in regards to our teams working together?”

These style of questions require you to do your homework, but if you can design a great question you will get the other person thinking deeply and helping them understand themselves even better.

You will probably only have the opportunity to ask four or five great questions over the course of an hour. Think deeply about the questions you want to ask.


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