COVID Clarities: What I Learned From Season 1 I’ll Use to Power Through the Pandemic

By Mo Bunnell
Mo Bunnell reviews the most important and timely insights from season 1 and talks about how to set yourself up for success during this time of the pandemic.

Mo Bunnell reviews the most important and timely insights from season 1 and talks about how to set yourself up for success during this time of the pandemic. Get clarity on how to stay focused, make consistent progress, and motivate yourself and your team to achieve even greater results while everyone else is binge watching their favorite TV shows.

  • The last episode covered the timeless truths that every business development professional can use at any time with fantastic insights into the four major components of successful business development habits.
  • Not addressing the realities of Covid-19 leaves a huge opportunity on the table. The Covid Clarities still fit within the timeless truths discussed earlier, but will be focused on the practical things to keep in mind in the latter half of 2020 and early 2021.
  • Lots of the changes that have happened in the last seven months are here to stay.
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  • The four main themes of season 1 were mindset, vision, accountability, and habits, split between the two perspectives, internal and external.
  • Being helpful and top of mind is what our clients need right now to navigate their change. The number one thing that Mo is focused on is helping others learn to be helpful in this new world we find ourselves living in. The thing you have to realize is that you are not being annoying by reaching out and following up.
  • The only time you shouldn’t follow up is when you’re not adding value. It doesn’t always have to be a sales pitch or thought piece, it could just be showing that you care. Frequency is important for relationships to develop, so we’ve got to take it on ourselves to reach out and be helpful.
  • Mo retells a story of a major realization that a client had regarding follow up. Your clients need you right now, they need you to check in, and they need to know you care. If you’re adding value, you can’t follow up too often. How can you add the most value and stay top of mind with your most important clients?
  • Certain aspects of our new virtual world are here to stay. If you treat the changes like they are permanent then you’re going to act rather than delay. Think of the difference between the first place you rented versus the first place you owned.
  • If you’re waiting for the pandemic to end, or certain aspects of it to end, you’re renting your time. If you take the extreme position of assuming the changes are permanent and own your time, you will be way better off a year from now. Take advantage of the things that are easier now and do more of those, and you will have immense success.
  • What do you need to learn to leapfrog the competition? Focus on that and keep improving. Avoid the mindset of “I can’t wait until this is over” and instead think about what skill you need to learn to be more efficient.
  • Your most important clients are going through immense change and relationships are going to shift faster than ever before. You need to be in front of that trend by adding value and having a vision for their business. Help them navigate the change.
  • A Value Group can be very valuable for both the people involved and for your business development efforts. Put together a value group of your most valuable clients and you will have success.
  • What do you want your top clients to say about you a year from today? How do you want them to describe your relationship? Define that and start doing things that line up with that.
  • Any time of immense change creates winners and losers. Learn fast and you’ll be a winner. Write down what you’re worried about regarding your own skills and use that as a starting point. Your identity changes by taking small considerate actions so create a purposeful plan that you can do every day. How can you leverage digital to accomplish more?
  • Don’t judge yourself by pre-Covid measures, judge yourself by what makes sense now. What we were comfortable with is gone and you can no longer control those things. Reset your expectations on what is accomplishable now. If you don’t do that you can talk yourself into believing you’re a failure.
  • What specific numerical outcomes should you choose that will let you know you're successful? Pick something realistic and don’t beat yourself up over things you can’t control.
  • Keeping focus and accountability on a daily and weekly basis will create momentum. Create a visible process for invisible actions. Visible feedback gives you the motivation to achieve more.
  • Focus on what you can control and you will make it through Covid. Figure out your MITs and other subjective actions you can control and start tracking them. What metrics can you track to keep you focused on daily and weekly sprints?
  • Creating automation at scale is the key to getting more done, especially in a digital world. This can be tech solutions like a text expander, but the real power is in bespoke automation. If you’re ever asked something more than once, take the time to create a template for it and make it as valuable as you can.
  • What templates or systems do you need to build where you can add 10x the value for the time spent?
  • Having the right habits will determine your fate, especially in times of immense distraction. If your habits are moving you in the right direction, you will be much better off a year from now, but the same is true in reverse if your habits are moving you backwards. You need to focus on the right things so that you are in a better spot tomorrow.
  • Assume this pandemic will never end, and keep focus on things you can do today. If you do that everyday, you will win. What are the most important rituals you need to have on a daily or weekly basis to stay focused?


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