Three Scientific Elements That Allow Us to Leverage Curiosity

By Mo Bunnell

This week we are talking about how to create curiosity.   This is a really interesting topic because hardly anybody talks about creating curiosity.   During a normal sales process, everything’s about us.  Today we are talking about why you should be flipping this to the buyer. Today we are covering the three big scientific elements that allow us to leverage curiosity.  1. Curiosity is an intrinsic motivator

2. Curiosity creates a heightened sense of arousal

3. Curiosity allows you to remember more

As you tune in to hear me cover these three elements, you will see why these are the kind of things that you want to give your client.   It’s a great experience to help them feel the feeling of curiosity.  Avoid trying to do too much too fast and you will allow your clients to feel comfortable taking the next step with you. Don’t try to close the deal on your first meeting.  Spreading out your conversations over a couple of meetings will encourage the buyer to take the next step with you without feeling pushed. I am looking forward to diving into this even further in the next episode, so be sure to tune in as we get started in this curiosity series.

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