The Top 3 Things You Need to Implement from Marissa King, Author of Social Chemistry

By Mo Bunnell

Mo shares his insights from the habits of Marissa King.

  • Knowing your network helps you know what to do next. The three major types of networks are Conveners, Brokers, and Expansionists and by knowing your network type, you can know what to do to take it to the next level.
  • Conveners are particularly well suited for people who promote or provide an ambiguous service, for example a high stakes trial lawyer. Having a network that lets people talk about you across different disciplines can be very powerful.
  • For Brokers, thinking with empathy from all sides and knowing when to bring people together is key.
  • For Expansionists, the trick is to keep everyone in your network and in a way that scales.
  • Relationships are formed in moments. There are times when someone comes to you when the effort you put in is exponentially more important. Helping someone in a moment like that is something that they remember forever. Moments of truth are when you really find out what kind of relationships you’ve got.
  • Put your phone aside, ask followup questions, pay attention, look for uncommon commonalities.
  • Being present is something that you can be in control of. Assessing how present you are on a regular basis can make the difference.
  • We all have to ask for help. So many professionals are resistant to asking for help but it’s an incredible way to establish a connection and deepen a relationship. It actually helps the other person at the same time by giving them the feeling of being helpful. That feeling correlates to likeability and self-esteem. Don’t be afraid to ask, you will probably get a positive response either way.

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