The Olympics: Winning The Gold In Business Development

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

I got to lead a great GrowBIG Training with an amazing group of top tier actuaries this week.

I know, as a former actuary, I'm biased.

We were talking about the perfect metaphor for how to design client meetings.

​Something we can have in mind that'll connect with everyone, all the the decision makers.

​The answer?

The Olympics TV broadcast.

I don't think there's any other TV event that appeals to more people.

​Sure, it's worldwide.

​But think of the design.

​The Olympics TV broadcast does an amazing job of hitting all four ways of thinking as defined by the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument.

The Olympics appeal to Experimental thinkers.

The Olympics appeal to Analytical thinkers.

The Olympics appeal to Practical thinkers.

The Olympics appeal to Relational thinkers.

Here's the deal.

The Olympics do SUCH a great job of hitting all four ways people think that different-thinking people can sit on the same couch and all watch the same event with enjoyment.

Say it's the 1600 meter run.

One person is thinking through the strategy--when should the athletes start their kick?

Another is watching the numbers and graphics, calculating the pace needed to break a record.

​Another is counting the laps and process as it unfolds.

​And yet another is feeling the emotion and effort of their country's top runner, remembering the athlete's struggles covered in their backstory ten minutes prior.

Isn't that amazing?

Here's why it's important to you.

​You can make your BD meetings like the Olympics.

​You can design your meetings to appeal to everyone.

​More on that below.

​But first, speaking of the Olympics...

What's Worth Revisiting

Do you know what I'm most excited about in the Olympics?

​The US Women's National Team!

And many of you know that I'm a big fan of...

Kelley O'Hara.

​Yeah, she was the number one soccer player in the US while playing offense at Stanford.

​Yeah, she made the USWNT.

​Yeah, she converted to defense and has become one of the best footballers in the world.

​But you know what's super cool, even beyond winning two World Cups and an Olympic Gold medal?

She's a business and personal performance genius.

​How do I know?
​Kelley and I recorded a lengthy interview where we mashed up all of her business and sports philosophies with The Snowball System.


​Even if you've dove into it before it's worth a new watch or listen.

Especially now.

(A ton of our clients have had their soccer-loving kids watch or listen to it too! You can have an impact on them, and they'll love it.)

​Kelley and I cover SO much in that episode.

Setting strategies for growth.

​Measuring to motivate.

​Creating rituals of success.

​And even celebrating incremental successes.


​Watch that episode to get the REAL backstory behind one of the most successful athletes and business people on the planet.

What's Worth Lingering On

Back to your meetings.

​It's so easy for us to design our business development meetings in a way that appeals to the way WE would want them to be.

The way we would buy our own services.

The problem?

Your prospect might not want to buy them that way.

Better to design them in a way that appeals to everyone.

For Experimental Thinkers, cover strategic fit, innovations, and new ideas.

For Analytical Thinkers, cover specific numbers, advanced analytics, and examples of ROI on your work.

For Practical Thinkers, cover timelines, procedures, and next steps.

For Relational Thinkers, cover personal connections, commonalities, and stories.

A great meeting covers all the ways of thinking.

Just like the Olympics.

Ask yourself.

How can I redesign my meetings in a way that would appeal to everyone?

That's the way you'll win the gold.