The Friends to Clients Method: How to Make Your Personal Relationships Commercial

By Mo Bunnell

This week we’re talking all about meeting new people that can help you grow your book of business and achieve your goals. In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, we’re talking about how you can develop a business relationship with someone that you have an existing personal relationship with. Many people have mental blocks around these types of relationships, but it’s important to change your mindset because it’s a disservice to your friends if you can help them but don’t offer to.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

If you have commercial solutions that could help a person out in their organization, you are harming them by not bringing it up or not helping them to the fullest extent. So it’s important to get rid of the barrier making you believe that you can’t help them commercially. The key is to not hesitate to offer, don’t try to sell anything, and make it really easy for them to opt-out.

To dive more into this topic, check out my interview with Josh Kaufman. He talks a lot about trust and I think it’s a great addition to this episode so make sure to check it out.

Resources Mentioned: Listen to my conversation with Josh Kaufman