The Five Key Elements to Come Up with Your Three Key Messages

By Mo Bunnell

In the last few episodes, we have talked all about the science of positioning. We talked about how to show your clear value and how to be more believable and memorable to clients when you’re sharing why they should work with you. In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, we’re talking about how to get your team together to have a discussion on the five key elements to arrive at your three key messages.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

This is a very important conversation and you want to have it at the very beginning of this process. If you do this, then throughout your communication, proposal, and any other formal or informal process when the stakes are high, you will have your three key messages ready to go which will set you apart.

Your team will buy into this better if they’re the ones shaping it, so make sure to get everyone involved in the process. When you do it upfront, everything is aligned throughout the entire process.

Make sure to check out the Wikipedia page on positioning. You can also grab the Al Ries and Jack Trout book on positioning if you want to go deeper and make sure to get the 20th-anniversary edition NOT the original because it has pictures and illustrations.

Resources Mentioned:

Check out the positioning Wikipedia page

Get the Al Ries and Jack Trout book on positioning