The Business Development Story That Changed Everything for Cannon Carr

By Mo Bunnell

Mo asks Cannon Carr: What is the business development story you are most proud of?

  • Cannon’s business is about long-term relationships, sometimes multiple generations, so being able to separate out personal risk and business risk is very important.
  • Cannon’s favorite business development story involves helping personal friends navigate their challenges. He and his team found ways and resources to help them in a time of need and often anonymously
  • It’s amazing what you can get done when no one takes the credit.
  • Cannon’s role was in uncovering the need. The client mentioned something that triggered Cannon to listen more closely and look for ways to help. He tapped into his team to go deeper and be even more helpful for this person.
  • Listen, notice, act. Cannon picked up on some fatigue in the person’s voice and some comments that led him to believe there was something more going on. Some good follow up questions helped too.
  • There is no stock follow up question that works every time, but there are common themes that everyone shares. The goal is to listen closely and the follow up question will reveal itself. You should be able to summarize what they are saying accurately and paraphrase it back.

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