The #1 Thing to Start a New Habit

By Mo Bunnell


Hi, this is Mo Bunnell, your business development expert and author of "The Snowball System". In this video, I wanna share the number one thing I've found in starting a new habit. So let's say you wanna start a new business development habit. And it can work for non-business development things too, but let's say you want to start asking more questions in introductory client meetings instead of blabbering on and talking about yourself and your 72 page PowerPoint you've been using. Let's say that you wanna get better at talking about money. That's a big one. You want to actually bring up money and your pricing and how much you charge before the client even does to make it natural. You know,at the end of that call, they're interested. Nobody talks about money. They're hesitating. You're hesitating. And you just want to get in a good habit of just bringing up, "Hey, would it be helpful to talk about how much we would charge for something like this?" Because you know you're gonna have to talk about it sometime. Make it easy. Broach the conversation.

So these are typical kinds of things people want to start with new habits. Or maybe it's a weekly habit they want to have around planning for the next week and focusing on three business development activities they can control to always on a weekly basis keep things moving forward.Those are three examples.

Here's the number one thing you need to do. Don't focus on perfection. Focus on getting started. The other way to look at it would be don't focus on quality of the questions you're asked or how you bring up money or your weekly planning. Don't focus on quality at all. Focus on quantity.

Just start it. That's what I've found so much in the people we work with because we focus on deep experts that have to find people to buy their expertise. That's our whole focus with all of our clients, and the nearly 15,000 people we've trained in our classes are really, really smart and really good at what they do. They used to be 95th, 99th percentile on everything. They gotta A's throughout school. You're the go-getters. You're the people that you've been watching this video. You're the people that kill it. You're the people that have done so great. And you want to strive for more. So the mindset is perfection, always wanting to get an A, an A plus even.

And when you're starting new habits, I want you to take that and throw it out the window. Focus not on how good you're doing. It's a new habit. It's a new skill. Focus on just getting started. Even if your questions aren't perfect in that first introductory meeting, focus on asking questions and listening and learning instead of telling and walking through your PowerPoint.

If you're worried about bringing up money it's okay if your voice shakes a little bit the first time you do it. Don't focus on perfect. Focus on just getting started. If you're worried about that weekly planning habit, don't worry about picking the perfect three things for next week. Just pick any three things, spend five minutes on it and nothing else.

Box yourself into five minutes of planning. And if you do that several weeks, over time, you'll do a lot better. So I hope this helps you start some new habits. If you're always improving, it means you're always trying new things. Always tightening the screws and always trying to build new habits. And the number one thing you can do is throw quality out the window in the beginning and just go for quantity. Just get started.

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