Speeding Up the Perfect Buy-in Process and Increase Sales Like a Champ

By Mo Bunnell

The fastest way to get to the next step is to ask for it.

A face-to-face ask is 34x more likely to get a yes than a request over email.

The key point is being able to see each other, whether that’s in person or on Zoom.

Make the ask in person and in a manner with which everybody wins.

When things go wrong, or you hear an objection, you have to be flexible, act with grace, then ask a follow up question to pin down the issue.

Keep asking questions until you are certain of the underlying issue. Once you know that with true specificity, that’s when you can address the issue.

There are four major objections that people present: not seeing the return on investment, not believing the process is safe, not trusting the team, and failing to understand the strategic value at that moment. Almost everything will boil down to one of those four.

Ask for next steps in person, if possible, and make sure you dig into any objections before jumping into a resolution.

You’re in control of the process and how fast things go. You can create a buy-in process that is enjoyable and magnetic.


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