Solving the Biggest Objection to Growth

By Mo Bunnell

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In this video, I'm going to explain the biggest barrier I hear our clients talk about when it comes to their own growth. There are three major plateaus that people can get to when it comes to growing their business.

Level one, bringing in enough business you can keep yourself busy. If you're a professional, it might be bringing enough hours or projects to keep it busy. If you are an account manager, it is leading a client relationship for the first time. If you are a business owner, it is bringing enough to keep you busy, but nobody else. Those folks usually have one foot in delivery and one foot in business development.

Level two is where you get so good at this stuff, you are feeding an entire group of people, because your business development skills are so honed you can bring in enough business to feed others.

Level three, you get so great at this that you're now teaching others how to do business development. In that case, you might have hundreds of people reporting to you in various mechanisms, so that you're bringing in so much business and you're helping others bring in their business that now you have an entire organization reporting up to you.

Why don't people go from one level to the next? I hear one answer all the time, "Mo, I'm too busy. It takes too much time to run the business. I don't have time to get better at my own craft of business development."

But I have a solution for you. One of my friends, Mike Michalowicz, is a great author. He has had several books that have made a big impact on me, and he has a new one coming out in about a month called Clockwork. I got to review an early version of the book and I absolutely loved it. Mike breaks down every single thing that you need to do to make your business run like clockwork.

If you pair his book Clockwork with our book The Snowball System, you've now got a perfect game plan to get your business running on its own without as much of your involvement, which gives you time to tackle everything we teach in The Snowball System, so you can make it to whatever level is next for you when it comes to the craft of business development. Two things make businesses run great. One is the business runs on its own. The other is somebody is bringing in new business for growth. When you've got both things humming, you can't help but help your clients succeed.