Slow And Steady Does NOT Win The Race

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

More on how we can all succeed in 2022!

Slow and steady wins the race.

​That saying has always bugged me, but I couldn't figure out why.

Until recently.

Real advances come from a combination of things.

​They are BIG ideas, implemented well.

​They are also times of steady and continuous improvement.

It takes both.

​I think Apple's iPhone upgrade cycles provide a great example.

​Some years have boring, under the hood improvements.

​(But when you make 100s of these, they really add up!)

​Other years have big, bold advancements.

(Risky and worth it!)

​So how does this apply to BD? Yourself? Your systems?

​More on this below, including the seven key questions to ask yourself this time of year...

What We Just Created

Here's another HUGE gift for your 2022.

You already know that I put Season Three of Real Relationships Real Revenue on hold this month.

​I dug back into our 200+ episodes to pick the perfect content for you to redesign your 2022.

​I even recorded new openers to frame them.

​Last week was Michal Hyatt and I on thinking long term. Being visionary with your BD.

​That's the big improvement part.

​This week is James Clear and me on building perfect BD Habits.

That's the continuous improvement part.

​These two episodes make the PERFECT 1-2 punch to set you up for success in 2022.

​I highly recommend giving them a watch or listen.

Or rewatch or relisten.

These are two of the best for this time of year.

What's Worth Lingering On

There's a much better way to frame slow and steady wins the race.

Slow and strategic wins the race.

​Slow, steady progress is the underpinning of success.



It has to be in the right direction.

Slow and steady without vision might be progress, but it won't lead to game-changing results.

​Strategy and vision sounds great.

​But without implementation or continuous improvement, they're a dream.

That's why both are important.

That's why I chose those two episodes of 200+ to give to you.

​Break down your business development systems today with these seven questions.

  1. Do you have a clear idea of what organizations you should invest your time in? Of who your priority relationships are? Do you this written down?
    This provides direction​
  2. Do you have systems in place that help you foster new relationships at higher levels of those organizations?
    This creates attraction.
  3. Do you have investments you can make in them that get their attention? That show them they need to spend more time with you?​
    This builds momentum.​
  4. Do you have replicable ways to create curiosity for what you do? To create demand for how you can help your best clients and prospects?​
    This accelerates your momentum.​
  5. Do you have habitual ways to keep your focus on BD, to finish those conversations all the way to contracts being signed?
    This keeps you going.​
  6. And do you systems and people involved that let you personally scale, making retention and growth easy?​
    This gives you leverage.
  7. Last thought–is the experience a buyer has throughout everything above (including the delivery of your work), enjoyable, where they're learning and consistently asking you to take the next step because they're excited to work with you?​
    This fosters Raving Fans.

Think about those questions.

There's usually one area that needs a big jump forward.

Pick one and create a vision to completely redesign that step.
New strategy!

For the others, pick one habit you want to implement to keep your focus on BD, the build and maintain your momentum.​
Steady improvement!

​Let the rest go. One big bet and one habit are enough.

Don't forget to dig into those links above. Man, they're good.

​Michael Hyatt and I are there for you if you want help on the vision.

​James Clear and I are there if you want help on the habits.

​You know what's fun?

I'm doing this with you too.

​We've had an incredible year at BIG. Easily our best yet.

​We've got some BIG things coming your way in 2022.

​(I've personally spent 200+ hours on one of them–can't wait to share more soon!)

​We're making big investments in your future success.

​And we're making steady improvements in our systems too.​

Man I love our team.

​We're right here with you, making advancements too.

​Steady progress.

​BIG bets.

Slow and strategic wins the race.