Say Yes To Less

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

We just got back from a Wyoming dude ranch vacation.

We rode. We shot. We two-stepped.

​Check out my wife, daughters, and their boyfriend & girlfriend in front of a ranch house concert one night.

What a blast!

​And boy, I needed the break.

​The ranch has spotty wireless and nearly nonexistent cell coverage.

It was glorious.

​Listen, I love my work. Seriously, I LOVE it!

​We're making such a big impact at BIG: every day, every week.

But we all need breaks.

Time away gives us a broader perspective. Insights.


Think through how I'll make decisions in our opening-up world.

​Doing this right now -- as the world opens back up -- is critical.

​We have SO many more options coming.

​The Groundhog Days are about over.


​What are you going to say Yes to? No to?

​Here's what I came up with.

​It covers the three biggest decisions I need to make to invest time:

That's it. Simple.

​The world is opening back up.

​We now have so many more choices coming up.

​A lot of in-person meetings make sense. But now, more than ever, we each need a strategy for determining which ones to pursue.

What do we say Yes and No to?

Ask yourself:

  1. What are the top three decisions you often have to make to invest time?
  2. What would have to be true for each decision that would make it worth saying Yes to?

​Write those down.

​Do the things that meet those criteria.

​Say no to the rest.

Say Yes to less.


What's We Just Created

Check out the WOW-level recording of our GrowBIG Accelerator session with my author friend Ron Friedman. We called this Decoding the Greatness of Rainmakers.


Become a collector!

​​Here's an amazing 14-minute podcast episode with my friend and author/speaker Molly Fletcher on how to create and close more deals.


​And we just dropped an interview series with best-selling author and speaking coach Michael PortThis episode is about streamlining your processes.

Streamline to succeed!

What's Worth Lingering On

I'm not sure why I'm such a pleaser.

I hate letting people down.

​I can have a hard time saying No.

​I'm better at saying No to closer-to-now events because it's easy.

​Want to meet next week? That'd be tough. Schedules are nuts.

​My weakness is saying Yes to things that are "OK" and far off in the future.

​That's my weak spot.

​The simple rubrics I described above will help me with that, helping me determine what's a Yes and what's a No.

That's gold.​

I had so many other things I realized on vacation too.

I could cover them now.

But I'm going to Say Yes To Less.