Rewiring Your Brain: A Secret Roadmap

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

Last week's article about my dad's stroke connected with more people than any other I've ever written. Click HERE to see it on LinkedIn, and let's connect while you're there.

First, an update on my dad.

​He's progressing.

More mobility, better speech, and improved facial control.

He's doing the work to recover.

Second, a thank you.

​I got hundreds of messages from this community.

You're thoughtful. You're kind.

I spent over a day responding to every single message.

​Reading and responding to your stories of caring for loved ones was inspirational.

​Reading your simple messages of hope, thoughts, and prayers helped me process my own emotion.

​And above all, I realized this community is full of amazing people.

From me, thank you.

You've helped me keep moving forward.

​Now, here's a way for you to move forward.

​I've been digging even deeper into mental heuristics--shortcuts we use to simplify our complex world.

​I've always wanted one comprehensive list of mental heuristics and cognitive biases.

​I've been creating my own database for 20+ years.

​But I could never find one source with every scientifically validated heuristic and bias in one place.

Until now.

​I found this little gem in a seldom traveled corner of the internet...


It has every heuristic and bias in one place.

​It's organized.

It's interactive.

​Wave your cursor over each bias after you click that link above. They each link back to the best Wikipedia article to give you more information.

​Here's a static image of what it looks like:

(You can download a static version HERE.)

This has a Creative Commons license, so let me give a HUGE shout out to the creators of this, noted at the bottom of the graphic. Amazing work!

​That interactive map in the first link is amazing.

​Great content. Well designed. A joy to play with.

​It's worth bookmarking with other cool ideas. Save it in your favorite URL storage app, like Pocket.

​Here's the key to cognitive biases:

We need to understand how our brains are wired in order to leverage our strengths and avoid falling into common pitfalls.

I'll give you some takeaways and actions you can use in a moment.

But now, new content for you!

What We Just Created

Have you noticed the Greatest Hits episodes we're cranking out over at the podcast?

​Since we asked common questions across the nearly 150 episodes in Season 2, we could edit our past podcasts to combine the most interesting responses in these new Greatest Hits podcasts. Here’s a few.

Here's Josh Linkner, Vanessa Van Edwards, and Mike Michalowicz talking about deepening relationships.

Here's Jay Baer, Ron Friedman, and Nancy Duarte giving their best advice on maximizing opportunities. 

Here's Dorie Clark, Luke Burgis, and Shawn Blanc sharing a big idea of how we can grow our books of business, relationships, and career.


I'm thrilled with how these are turning out.

​These are a great first watch or reminder from the insights we all got in Season 2.

So cool!

​Remember, we're on 25+ platforms, so just search for "Real Relationships Real Revenue" or "Real Relationships Mo Bunnell" and you'll find the show.

​We're everywhere.

What's Coming Up

More great news.

I'm actively taping Season 3 now.

We're trying something new.

I'm recording episodes with my favorite rainmakers that I've worked with in the last 15 years.

​Rainmakers from different industries. Amazing people from all over the world.

​The best of the best.

And, man, it's turning out great.

Be sure to follow the show on your favorite platform, so you get this great content the moment it comes out!

​More soon.

What Others Just Created

I was thrilled when I heard from my friend Linda Klein that she wrote an article about one of our articles.

Linda is one of the most influential lawyers of our time.

She's pioneered fighting for women's rights.

​She was the first woman to be named President of the State Bar of Georgia.

​She did such a great job, she was then elected President of the American Bar Association.

​Most importantly, Linda is a give-first, proactive, and kind person.

She's a shining light to me personally.

She wrote on how to turn a loss into your next win based on the article I wrote and added her perspective.

Here's her piece in the ABA's Law Practice Magazine. 

Not a lawyer? No worries.

This is very applicable, no matter what your profession is.

So good.

What Worth Lingering On

Back to cognitive biases.

​Rewiring our brain.

​To be effective, we have to know how we think.

​Many of our biases aren't helpful, but some are.

We need to know: why do our clients make the decisions they do?

​Here are a few you've heard me talk about, along with some new ones:

The IKEA Effect: We buy into what we help create.

One simple takeaway: involve your clients in building the solution since they're unlikely to think it's great unless they help shape it.

Status Quo Bias: We tend to keep doing what we've been doing.

​One simple takeaway: to grow client relationships, we need to go above and beyond to create demand in new areas since our clients are biased only to purchase what they have bought from us in the past.​

Halo Effect: We tend to let our small observations of someone spillover into thinking they are that way with everything.

​One simple takeaway: we have to be overly on it with clients, especially newer ones. They'll extrapolate their small interactions with us and assume we're that way with everything, forever.

These are just a few.

​There are 100+ more in that graphic above.

I could play around with that interactive graphic all day.

Here's the deal.

​You've got a deep expertise.

​Your clients need your hard-earned skills to accomplish their goals.

​You need them to hire you to hit the hard results you want.

​The problem?

You can't help them if they don't hire you.

And they're unlikely to hire you unless you master the soft skills.

​Take time to play around with that graphic.

​Dig in.

​Find one new approach to try.

​Improve your people skills.


Soft skills turn into hard results.