Relationship Advice From CEOs

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

I feel fortunate I've gotten to work with some amazing CEOs.

Five Star Insight Alert!

​One of my favorite people I've ever worked with is Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International.

He's strategic.

He's giving.

He's humble.

​Jonathan has it all.

​And great news for our community–he shared his approaches with us on the Real Relationships Real Revenue show!

​Click HERE for Jonathan's approach on thinking BIG internally.

​Click HERE for Jonathan's approach on thinking BIG with external partners.

​Click HERE for Jonathan's favorite GrowBIG approach. (So good!!)

​Click HERE for an inspirational relationship-building story Jonathan tells with passion.

​And finally, click HERE for relationship-building advice Jonathan would give his younger self.

​All of these episodes are A+!

I'm so proud of all Jonathan has built at Habitat. Talk about making a difference!!

​Want more?

​We also recently published interviews from other CEOs...

​They all added SO much value in their interviews.

​My favorites...

Andrew Robertson detailing his favorite Snowball System tool.

Chris Graham defining his personal definition of BD (including how he handles situations where a client/investor isn't ready to say yes...yet.)

Monty Hamilton sharing how he tackled a challenging, high stakes pursuit.

Read Davis sharing a Davis vs Goliath story of success–and what it took to win.

Bill Ruprecht sharing his favorite BD approach.

​There's a lot to learn from this group!

(Don't forget: if you like any episode from these last four CEOs, remember there are four more episodes for each of them. Just scroll before/after the ones I linked to.)​

CEOs have to be great at a lot of things.

Relationship building is one of the most important.

​These are some of my favorite people ever. As I've worked with each of them, I learned so much.

After you check these out...

​There's no doubt in my mind...

You'll say the same.