What Everyone Leaves Out of Prospect Meetings, But Shouldn't

By Mo Bunnell

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In this video, I want to cover the one thing I see our clients not do that is extremely effective. It is using humor in meetings, especially in introductory meetings or early stage meetings, where we are just meeting somebody.

Recent research in 2014 that was in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that meetings that use humor are not only more enjoyable by all the participants, which we might think, but they are more effective. People are more productive in meetings when there is humor.

Here is the deal. A lot of times we can use humor in meetings where we have worked with clients for 10 years, or we know them really well, although we could probably could dial it up there too. However, where we do not use humor many times is in early stage meetings. Maybe we think we do not know the participants well enough, or we are trying to know them. But we have got so much content we are covering, and we’ve got insider give-to-get we need to give them or whatever, so we don’t use it.

For whatever reason, we need to get over it. If we sprinkle humor in early stage meetings, we are not only going to make it more effective and productive and more enjoyable, but we are showing the folks what it is like to work with us. If we are fun in early stage meetings, they have got to feel like we are going to be even more fun once we get to know each other. Figure out ways to deepen the relationships using humor. Go off the cuff if you need to. Prepare a little bit more.

If you want more detail on how to prepare for really effective business development meetings, especially early stage ones where the stakes are high, then grab a copy of The Snowball System. Chapter nine details a very effective way to think about what you want to accomplish in early stage BD meetings or any BD meetings, how to frame that to a client in a way that they are really going to enjoy, and then how to execute on that to give a great experience to them where they want to take the next step forward with you.

But, even if you do not get the book, then add a little humor in your next prospect meeting, and you will find that everybody enjoys it, and you will probably get to the next step faster and more efficiently.

As with all of our videos, we hope you enjoyed this one, and we hope these help you help your clients succeed.