Practice to Be Successful at Business Development

By Mo Bunnell

Hi, it's Mo Bunnell, your business development expert and author of "The Snowball System". Have you ever heard the objection that, "Gosh, if we practice for this pitch, or if we practice our questions or if we figure out our unique positioning as we approach this deal, this big finalist meeting we're in. Gosh, I don't wanna do that because we're just gonna sound robotic."

We actually get that objection a lot in our training classes where people say things like, "Well, I don't wanna practice asking really insightful questions because it'll just seem too rehearsed when I get in the meeting." I can't say this strongly enough. It's the opposite that is true. The more that you practice, the more fluid you are in real life because you feel prepared.

A good example for me that I had recently - a lot of people that know me well know I love ultimate Frisbee and I play in a lot of leagues around Atlanta and the Southeast and the Nationals and Worlds as, as those chances come up. Especially for age 15 up, which is, I love being young in my age group. Now, it's a lot more fun than cutting against 25 year olds, but the more I practice a skill, the more fluid I am on the field.

One thing that my friends Dawson and MJ and Malcolm and DK and I were practicing recently - we do a lot of practices together on weekends - Cutting right after you release the disc to throw to somebody else. Ultimate's a sport where you're not allowed to run with the Frisbee, the disc. So one of the most effective ways to get open is if you've got the disc, you're gonna throw a backhand or forehand.

And as soon as you release that disc, you're going. Your defender's flat footed. They're likely to turn and look at the disc for a split second. That's when you can get open to make a cut deep or to go deep and come back under vice versa or do whatever you're trying to do on the field, what the defense is giving us.

And I was really isolating that skill with Malcolm a few weeks ago, where we just did this drill over and over and over. Practice, like crazy throwing the disc. I would go throw it back to him, and then I'd cut deep. So there's a bit of a back and forth zigzag, but you really got in the habit of 'go after you throw'. Well, lo and behold a week after we had practiced that drill for like 45 minutes nonstop, just that drill, it was in a tournament, and I just couldn't believe how open I was in the tournament because I was so fluid with that skill. I could adapt it. I could change it, but it was the practice that created the opportunity, even if I didn't do it exactly like we had done in the practice. Same is true in business development.

The more you practice with you, with your team, on how are we unique, how are we gonna answer that crazy question, how are we gonna talk about money, how are we gonna talk about the timeline. how are we gonna talk about our team, how are we gonna talk about how we're gonna approach this strategically?

The more you practice everything from the questions to answering the questions, the more fluid you'll be when you actually get in the meeting. You don't have to do every single thing you practice, but the more you get certain things down, the more you'll deliver those perfectly. And then that lets your mind think of what else should we do or what changes should we make?

And you'll perform way better if you practice than if you don't. So, if you've got "The Snowball System" or if you've gone through our Grow BIG training, get that dynamic meeting prep form down. What's your goal? How are you gonna frame that in the first five minutes of a meeting? What questions are you gonna ask them? What questions are you ready to receive in them? And how are you gonna answer those? And there's lots of more things in a great dynamic prep, but get that format, practice your really important meetings with yourself or your team, so that when you get in those meetings, you are ready to be fluid and you feel prepared walking in.

That's the key. If you feel prepared, you'll do great. If you feel like we haven't prepared as much as we should, you won't do as well because you're spending some amount of your time worrying about why you didn't prepare and what's gonna come next. Preparation makes the day.

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