Monty Hamilton Uncovers How to Learn to Appreciate the Problem

By Mo Bunnell

Monty Hamilton shares the principles and strategies he used to start his career, launch Rural Sourcing, and grow the company up to 1,000 employees. Find out why business always boils down to relationships, why the key to solving client problems is to appreciate those problems, and discover the framework for growing both a business and your personal skills.


Mo asks Monty Hamilton: Take us back to the moment when you realized that growth was great and it was something you wanted to focus on.


Mo asks Monty Hamilton: What is your personal definition of business development?


Mo asks Monty Hamilton: What’s your favorite science, step, or story from the GrowBIG Training or Snowball System?


Mo asks Monty Hamilton: Tell us a business development story that you are really proud of.


Mo asks Monty Hamilton: If you could record a video and send it back to your former self, something around business development or growth mindset, what would it say?