Making Targeted New Relationships

By Mo Bunnell

How do you meet new people in a very targeted way? This week on Real Relationships Real Revenue, we are going to be diving deep into this topic. Making new relationships is really important for anybody, regardless of who you are. You can get introduced to anyone you want to meet if you offer enough personalized value and if that value is communicated in an individualized and trustworthy way.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

There’s a million creative ways you can offer value based on the person you’re wanting to meet. In the next episode, I’m covering what to do if you know the person personally but you don't know them commercially. That way, you can get on those terms with them and potentially work with them in the future.

In The Snowball System, we go over topics similar to this and it really focuses on meeting new people, sales, and marketing. Particularly, we go deep into this topic in chapter six so be sure to check it out.

Resources Mentioned: Check out The Snowball System