Learn From One Of The Top Business Developers In The World

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

Fun stuff this week!

I'm having a ball with Season 3 of Real Relationships Real Revenue.

​I'm interviewing my favorite rainmakers we've ever worked with, out of over 20,000!

The best of the best.

And this week's episodes were so fun.

​My guest was Bill Ruprecht, former global CEO of the art auction house Sotheby's.

​Sotheby's auction business is extremely interesting–their business getters call on the wealthiest people in the world to consign the most unique objects in the world.

​I've seen them take amazing art to market.

​Here's a photo of me in front of a Giacometti statue I watched sell that evening for over $100,000,000.

Bill ran Sotheby's business for nearly 15 years.

​But Bill wasn't just their global CEO.

He was one of the most successful rainmakers they've ever had, stretching back to 1744.

And personally...

I think he's one of the finest and most interesting people I've ever worked with.

​Here are my top three episodes with Bill:

Here's Bill telling the business development story he's personally most proud of.

Watch this one if you want some inspiration on persevering, keeping going when it's hard. Bill tells a great story!

Here's Bill sharing about how to get better at relationship building and business development.

Watch this one if you'd like to focus on improving your BD skills.

And here's Bill talking about the core skills needed to be great at relationship building.

Watch this one if you'd like to learn how to differentiate yourself.

I just love how Bill wove a lifetime of stories into these episodes.

​(And there's two more I didn't list here that in the podcast queue–check them out too!)

​If there's one thing I've personally taken away from countless experiences with Bill, it's that we need to keep improving.

​Pushing to advance everyone involved.

​Having empathy.

​Proactively helping others.

I was inspired talking to Bill.

​​I hope you will be too.