Jay Baer on Customer Experience and Marketing – What You Need To Succeed

By Mo Bunnell

Mo asks Jay Baer: How can people become great at business development?

Mo asks Jay Baer: How can people become great at business development?

  • The challenge with business development is that technology has made it so easy to create contacts. It used to be that you could stand out just by having a better toolkit, but now the volume of business development messaging is out of control.
  • Competency does not create conversation. The best way to grow any business is for your customers to grow it for you.
  • There is a time and place for advertising, but in many cases the most successful brands advertise the least because their customers and clients spread the word for them.
  • Even though word of mouth is the #1 way of generating business, fewer than 1% of companies have a word-of-mouth strategy.
  • If you want your customers to be a proactive word of mouth engine, you have to give them a story to tell, which means you have to do something different in your organization.
  • What if, instead of sending your proposal as a pdf attachment in an email, you send your proposal in a completely unique and unusual way.
  • Doing the normal thing is often more risky than doing something that’s a little bit different. Just because you're in professional services doesn’t mean that you took a vow of boredom.
  • Every single person and organization can have a talk trigger, but we’re are often afraid to stand out.
  • Start with a pilot program and roll out your talk trigger to a certain subsection of your customer base and see how things go. Once you see the results, you can roll it out to the rest of the organization.

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