The #1 Indicator of Your Quality - Hint - It's Not What you Think

By Mo Bunnell

Hi, it's Mo Bunnell, your business development expert and author of "The Snowball System". I'm gonna do this video on something so important it's worthy of only talking about one very small thing. It is, 'What is the number one indicator of your quality in the mind of the people who purchase it?' Everybody thinks of this the wrong way. They think of, "Oh, it's my brand name. It's the brand name of our organization or my personal brand." That's not it. Or maybe it's our unique positioning elements that we've crafted for this particular project or matter or deal or contract or whatever. That's really important, but that's not it. It's not how foolproof your process is. A lot of people think it's in the Gantt chart and the details and how they've spelled checked every last thing that will send a signal of our quality. It's important, but that's not it. Or most people, or a ton of people, maybe the majority, think it's all about themselves and their accolades. I'm chambers rated or I just got this award or here's the kind of things we've done before that are similar to this that'll show our quality. That's not it.

The number one indicator of your quality in the mind of the buyer is your price. Your price. So if you say you're unique, and if you go through the Gant chart and you're talking about all your accolades and how great you are, and then imagine this - You have a low price or you offered a discount or you agree to a discount right away without asking for something in return.

If all those other three things are lined up and you're not expensive, it just won't make sense to the buyer. What research shows over and over again is the number one thing people look at as an indicator of quality is price. And this is the key. The more complex your services are - In other words, the harder it is to differentiate from option A or option B, the first thing everybody looks at is your price. You can say all you want about how great you are, but if your price is lower, you don't look as good. So here's the deal. I realize the world's competitive. I realize a lot of times the clients look at price first, but if you end up in a position where your pricing is higher than somebody else, the best thing you can do is own it.

You should say something like, "Yep, we are more expensive and you're worth it. Let's talk about why that is." You can go back to the other things. Your positioning, your plan, and your team. The worst thing you can do is somebody on your team starts apologizing. "Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. Let me see what I can do. Let's go back to the drawing board. Let's sharpen our pencils.  Let's see if we can lower the price anyway, find some efficiencies." If we start back peddling on this and we really can't reduce our price, then that's not gonna make sense to the buyer. They'll just be confused.

Well, you told me you're great, but you're not. So if you are more expensive, lean in, own it. And people in general - I realize there's a lot of price pressures - but they want the best. The kind of clients we've got - people's careers on the line if they hire you or somebody else. They want the best.

So if you're expensive, own it, and that will just make sense to the client. Worst thing you can do is start apologizing. Will, body language goes down. No. Feel confident, have your positioning, your plan and your team line up with your price. That's the winning strategy.

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