How To Thrive in 2021

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

I'm absolutely thrilled by the energy of the GrowBIG Accelerator community!

Today, I'm giving you one of the practical GrowBIG Accelerator tools we've used.​

It's a simple, one-page plan you can use to grow in 2021.

You can download it here.

(And here is the 100-point self assessment that feeds into it.)

What's cool about this?

I've got mine filled out and am super psyched about my three 2021 strategic themes: Automate, Integrate and Motivate.

​Yep, I just had to create a pneumonic for my themes.

​2020 was one of our best years ever and I'll be AIMing higher all year in 2021. 😉

​I hope you enjoy this powerfully practical worksheet.

​Feel free to share it with your teams too!

(And if you want the full training showing you exactly how to use this, just join the GrowBIG Accelerator community here. It costs $149/month and the first month is on our dime, our investment in your success. All the sessions are recorded and the one describing how to fill out this worksheet is in the GrowBIG Burst Masterclass section of our app, recorded on December 1. Can't wait to see you on the inside!)

What's Worth Revisiting

Want a little beginning-of-year motivation?
​I proudly post this 6-minute video each new year.​
Here is the link to our all-time most-watched gratis Learning Library video, the one of my 80+ year old dad on his multi-year quest to make 90 out of 100 3-point basketball shots.

​His results startling, and I describe his process in steps so you can make the changes you want in 2021.


​Check it out for the first time or watch it again here.

What's Worth Lingering On

We're having one of my favorite family rituals tonight.

I just finished editing a movie of our family's year: the 2020 Bunnell Movie.

Tonight, we'll all pile on the couch, and watch a 2-hour movie of our entire year's fun events. Birthdays. Holidays. And everything in between.

We've done this every year since 2002 so we're closing in on 20 years in a row.

I have to push myself to celebrate success, and the 15 or so hours I put into this project is possibly the most important investment I make each year.

It forces me to slow down.

To remember how things were and how they are now.

To see the year-long progress we make as a family in 2 short hours.

To cherish the little unscripted moments.

Moments like this one, which I had forgotten about.

We were sitting in lawn chairs having a driveway COVID happy hour with our neighbors last spring. Turns out we all like each other. That was a big win on it's own, but then this little moment happened.

We saw our faithful postal service deliverer driving down our street towards us.

The eight of us all looked at each other and spontaneously stood up, cheering, clapping and shouting about how much we appreciate her.

We just kept clapping, kept yelling, kept cheering.

She was overwhelmed.

She smiled SO big and said something I missed in the moment.

But as I was editing the 2020 Bunnell Movie, I heard it clear as day.​

Smiling as big as possible she said,

You make me feel so special.

I missed that when it happened. But I'll never forget it now.

​Tonight, my family will be "puppy piled" on the couch, watching our year fly by in about 2 hours. Our 19th year in a row.

​This little ritual makes us think. To see things from the right perspective.

2020 was different. I can see why people want it over. I get it.

​But we had the same number of days. The same number of seconds.

​And in some ways, maybe we had a bigger opportunity to make our relationships thrive. Our clients and teams. Our strategic partners. And everyone else we can touch.

​We've got that chance again in 2021.

​We can make people feel special.

Have you made your plan to thrive in 2021?