How Connection Questions Are Key To Any Business Growth Strategy

By Mo Bunnell

Connection questions are all about lateral thinking and how things fit together. The goal is to use them to get hired, develop trust, and be helpful in general.

Examples include: “What other projects or teams might benefit from knowing what we’re considering?”, “What other external partners should we connect with to make things easier?”, “What connections can I make for you inside the company?”, “What kinds of updates would be most helpful for me to give you around the topic?”

The next category is more focused on what’s missing. Ironically, these kinds of questions are the most interesting and most commonly skipped.

Examples include: “What should we have discussed about this potential project but didn’t?”, “What other data should we begin to collect now so that we have a benchmark to prove success?”, “What kinds of people are you looking to meet?”, “What can I do to be helpful that we haven’t discussed yet?”

These sorts of questions are very thought provoking and great to drop into the middle of a meeting or near the end.

The trap to avoid is over indexing on your initial questions and not focusing on the questions you will use to wrap up the conversation.


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