Here's a Tool to Automate your Growth

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

I'm SUPER excited about the content we're covering in GrowBIG Accelerator all February...

Business Development Automation

I'm personally leading our GrowBIG Accelerator training session on this on Tuesday February 2, and for the first time ever, I'm sharing the overview with you ahead of time.

CLICK HERE to get a one-page overview of world-class BD Automation.

There's even a second bonus page to design your implementation plan.

​If you want to attend the live session, you can do so as my personal guest.

​Just sign up for our amazing GrowBIG Accelerator community here.

​There's no charge for the first month!

​(After that, it's $149/month and you can opt out at any time, even before the first payment.)

​I'll be walking you through perfect implementation of all the mindsets and tools in the linked worksheet.

​We'll even have breakout groups to discuss implementation and crowdsource more tools for sharing.

​I can't wait!

​Please join us and give the community a try.

​And if you don't, no worries, but be sure to grab the tool above now because I won't mention it again.

What's Worth Revisiting

One of the resources I note in the worksheet above is the AMAZING podcast interview I did with USWNT star Kelley O'Hara.

​Check it out here.

​We BD professionals can learn a lot from world-class athletes, and this show was SO fun to learn how Kelley measures, motivates and makes progress.

​We mash up her mad skills with our systems. So fun.

​Are you as excited as I am about watching the USWNT crush it in the Olympics again this summer?

​Let's do this! Go Kelley!

What's Coming Up

Speaking of the podcast, we are ROCKING recordings for Season 2.

​I've already recorded episodes with friends and all-star thought leaders like Dorie Clark (Stand Out), Ozan Varol (Think Like A Rocket Scientist), Josh Kaufman (Personal MBA) and so many others. They've sold millions of books between them.

​We're going to have a super cool format --> 5 short episodes for each interviewee, released daily throughout the work week.

​Perfect for getting inspired while walking the dog. 😉

​Subscribe to the show here to get the earliest updates.

​This has been a mountain of enjoyable and inspiring work.

​It's almost launch time!

What's Making Me Smile

I just got notified The Snowball System was nominated for best book of the year by a foreign author in Russia!

​See more here.

​Can you forward this note to your Russian colleagues, especially regional, practice and office leaders?

​This will be welcome news to them.


What's Worth Lingering On

I've been thinking a lot about BD Automation lately.

​I think most people have the wrong impression of the concept. They think it's about a tech tool to save some seconds.

​Tech tools can help, and I use them for sure.

​But when you download that worksheet above (again, here), you'll see the BIG improvements are not in tech.

They're in your mind.

​Read the worksheet and ask yourself:

How can I think of my BD platform building like agile sprints, consistently evolving what I'm doing?

How can I think of my BD performance like a world-class athlete would think about their performance, always striving for 1% better each day?

How can I think of my BD like a process, always auditing to save steps and increase positive probabilities?


How can I think of my BD as scaling through my teams, partners and skills?

​BD Automation is a game changer.

​It's a journey towards more efficiency and results.

​More impact. More helpfulness. More fun.

​And any journey begins with one thing.

​A single step.

What's yours?