Getting Unstuck: A Foolproof Framework

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

Short viewpoint this week, and an important one. Here's a simple way to get unstuck.

​Man, we have been busy at work lately.

Tons of trainings.

​Global GrowBIG Training roll-outs.

​We're doing some of the coolest work we've ever done.

I love what we teach people. I love seeing how it makes a difference in their lives.

​Seeing the ‘aha moment’ when someone reframes ‘selling’ to proactively being helpful.

​Hearing someone I've never met tell me they ran every day for weeks listening to The Snowball System on audiobook, then sharing how much it helped him succeed.

​Listening to class participants share their #1 learning from a session.

These things fire me up.

One day leads to the next, and a week flies by.

​I noticed something this week.

​A phrase I've been using lately is really resonating with people. I see pens pulled out and notes being taken.

​Here's the phrase:

Divorce yourself from the outcome.

I'm convinced there's one thing that gets in our way more than anything else.

It's not the economy.

​It's not the competition.

​It's not the pandemic.

It's us.

We get in our own way.

​We worry if someone will like our offer.

​We worry that we'll get too busy.

​We worry about giving too much value away without getting hired.

​Or not adding enough value.

​We worry that it's been too long since we last reached out.

Or we worry about reaching out again too soon.


​Lots of it!

​I'm seeing a trend. The people who are the best of the best all do one thing.

They get out of their own way.

​They cast off worry with a simple mental trick.

They don't worry about what will happen.

They divorce themselves from the outcome.

They keep reaching out. They keep being helpful. They keep connecting the dots for the other side.

​Over and over.

Relentless helpfulness.

The best of the best know they'll win some, and lose some. They know that playing the long game, and playing it consistently, will have them winning more than their fair share.

They divorce themselves from the outcome.

What outreach have you been worried about and paused? What offer could you have made to be helpful to someone, but delayed? What VIP could you have reached out to recently, but instead postponed?​

Divorce yourself from the outcome and act.

Action is better than worry.

Do you know the best time to act?