What is the Very First Step to Grow?

By Mo Bunnell

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In this video, I'm going to explain the number one thing people can do to fix the problem of being stalled out or plateaued in business development. This is important.

The brain works in annual cycles. We tend to do the same kind of things around the holidays. We do the same things around our birthdays. We tend to repeat things annually. In business, we tend to set annual goals around the delivery of our services or our products to our clientele. We do all kinds of things annually to set goals around what we want to do next to improve.

For some reason, most people don't do that for business development, but it's essential. Maybe it's a side note in your plan. 5% of it. Or, even better, make it half your plan. Make half your plan figuring out how you tighten the screws on the business, but make half your plan figuring out how you tighten the screws about bringing in more business. There is even a simple four-step way to do this.

Number one, write down what your vision is. Where do you want things to go? Think about things like your branding, the thematic elements of your business. Strategically, where you focused around business development.

The second thing is measurement. What things can you measure so that you know that you are making progress? Set concrete numeric goals that will tell you, are you on plan? Are you not?

The third thing is action. What are you going to commit to on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly basis to keep things moving forward?

The fourth thing is relationships. Where are you at now with your most critical relationships you have or you want to have? Where can you take them going forward by giving first and being proactively helpful?

If you would like a hundred-point scorecard where you can get an exact measure for each of these areas and several sub-pieces in each one that will give you a score somewhere between zero and a hundred, point out where you have flaws or holes, and where you should focus on fixing, then just grab our book, The Snowball System. The scorecard is right up in front in chapter one. The results may just slap you in the face with the truth at the end when you fill it all in and you add it all up.

Here is the good news though. You do not even have to have the book. If nothing else, then just write down on a piece of paper, "Vision, measurement, action, and relationships," and just write down in prose where you are at and where you want to improve, and take things to the next level starting right then and there.

As with all our videos, we hope this helps you help your clients succeed.