Email Timing: The Perfect, Scientifically Validated Time To Send Helpful Emails

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

Mo, when's the optimal time to send an outreach email?

You know, something helpful like an asset. Or maybe a Give To Get offer of assistance.

I’ve had dozens, maybe hundreds of people ask me about the perfect time to send the a helpful email to a client.

​We hear different things about this all the time.

​Some say 10:23 am on Saturday is perfect for sending a CEO because they're checking email then.

​Others say that writing at 5:00 AM on a weekday is best because your note will be the first thing someone sees in the morning.

​And some say wait until December to send because the recipient will have more time then.

​All of these have some component of do it later.

​And that, my friends, is the problem. Later can mean not sending the email.

​Here’s the scientifically validated, absolutely perfect time to send an outreach email.


Yep, send that email right now.

Doing it now will make sure you do it.

​That’s job one.

​That’s 99% of the value.

​Write. Send. Boom!

​Don’t hear back right away?


You can follow up at 10:23 am on Saturday.