Elon Musk + Negotiation

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

People really liked last week's article on mindset.

(You can check it out here.)

​My message: our mindset holds us up all the time.

​It tells us to quit following up when we don't get a response, even though it's normal for people not to respond to everything.

​It tells us "they'll call us when they need us," even though we say to others, "out of sight out of mind."

It tells us we're not worth what we charge.

​That's the big one.

More than anything else, I see mindset impact how people talk about money.

​If you've gone through GrowBIG Training, you know we hit this hard.

​We call it the bad side of it self-negotiation.

​Ever said or heard this...

"There's no way she'll pay this amount. We should lower it to ___."

​That's a bad mindset.

There's a better way.

Here's an inspirational story on pricing.

I'm bullish on Tesla.

I love my Model 3 Dual Motor. I'm long on the stock, even with some options for added upside.

​Once I drove my nephew David's car, I had to have one. I asked him for his exact specs and ordered the same exact one. (Thanks, David!)

I wasn't a car guy until I drove hisnow, I'm a fanatic.

It's just a better product than any car I've ever driven.

It is fast, has great value, and just feels right.

​Here's where I'm going with this...

Hertz recently announced they're buying 100,o00 Tesla Model 3s.



Do you know what else?

​Assuming 100,000 cars, 100 rentals a year, and an average of 2 people in each rental (which are numbers I entirely made up), Tesla will get 20,000,000 people in their cars a year.

That's 20,000,000 impressions!

​If my experience happens a reasonable amount of the time, driving a Tesla leads to buying a Tesla.

Talk about a great deal for Tesla. They surely gave a discount on this, right?

Guess what Tesla's discount was to Hertz.

It has got to be BIG, right?


​Zero discount.


​Tesla has such good product and production scale they didn't offer Hertz anything.

​Elon Musk confirmed it on Twitter.

They didn't need to because they had something truly unique to offer.

​We've never worked with GM, but I imagine one of their national accounts sales reps doing the math on a 100,000 car order. Time to retire!

I imagine their teams in war rooms self negotiating had they been in the hunt for this deal, going straight to the bottom allowed price. They'd never pay ___ for 100,000 cars.

​I imagine that lead rep sweating, hoping for the call, saying they made it to a finalist meeting. Please call me!

But, here's the deal.

​Hertz didn't even put this out to bid. Tesla had something unique, and Hertz wanted it.

​Here's how the story impacts you.

You are unique.

You have something special.

You can be the Tesla of your industry and your larger contracts.

You can provide great value, adding in the perfect little extras.

​You can move fast.

​You can feel just right.

​More on how to do it below...

What We Just Created

Man, I'm loving the Season 3 episodes of Real Realtionships Real Revenue with my favorite rainmakers.

​This week had Brent Atkins of Progyny, the leading fertility benefits provider on the planet.

​As the friend of many people that have had trouble getting pregnant, their services really struck a chord with me. Brent is one of the best rainmakers, trusted advisors, and team leaders we've ever worked with.

In THIS episode, Brent talks about personal brandingbeing unique personally.

Check out all five episodes!

​So good!

What's Worth Lingering On

Back to being unique.

Clients mildly care that your company is unique.

They care a little bit more if your product or service offering is unique.

​Do you know when they really care?

How unique you are for the specific piece of work you're pitching.

How does their ROI look for what you'll do?

​How foolproof is your process?

​How much trust did you build?

​How well aligned is what you proposed to what they need?

If you crush it on all those levers, you'll be unique.

​If you're truly unique...

Your pricing won't be an issue at all.