Debby Moorman’s Favorite Business Development Strategy

By Mo Bunnell

Mo asks Debby Moorman: What is your favorite science, step, or story from GrowBIG or the Snowball System?

Mo asks Debby Moorman: What is your favorite science, step, or story from GrowBIG or the Snowball System?

  • Debby’s favorite science is the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument. The science behind what type of thinker we are is incredibly valuable.
  • Most people have been through at least one kind of similar training, but they usually can’t put it into use. With HBDI, that’s not the case.
  • The brilliant a-ha moment for Debby was realizing that you must assume that you have all four thinking types in the room when you’re meeting with someone new, and you must tailor your conversation to appeal to all four types.
  • The best part is that the system is easy to remember and put into practical use.
  • HBDI basically says that there are four ways to think based on the physiological structure of the brain. Some people are analytical and some are relational, some are experimental and some are more practical.
  • Components of your presentations and discussions should always touch on all four parts.
  • Debby’s second favorite principle is the idea of building it together. Spending time together to think through the various options, you aren’t selling them something, you are helping them understand what they need and helping them get that solution.
  • Building it together starts with the preliminary market research and understanding what’s happening in their market, and then coming up with a few options for a possible solution. It can take multiple conversations and feedback to figure out the right option for them, but the goal is to match the right solution to the prospect’s particular problem.
  • The prospect is probably facing a near infinite number of choices in the beginning. This is the perfect opportunity for you to narrow things down and save the prospect a huge amount of time.
  • During a conversation, Debby is trying to uncover which option would be the best fit, or whether a completely different option may be a better path. There is almost always something new learned during the conversation that changes things, but the goal is to always narrow solutions down and getting clarity on the best next step.

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