Create Your Own Luck Factory

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

James Clear's comment knocked me back in my seat.

We were mashing up The Snowball System and Atomic Habits on our podcast and he said something that really struck me:

There are three main things that impact your outcomes in life. The first is luck, the second is your choices/strategies and the third is your system of habits and behavior.

When you master the last two, you increase your surface area for good luck to come your way.

Man, I loved that.

​We can't control luck, but we can increase the chances it'll come our way.

Habitually reaching out with value to prospects, even when they don't respond right away.

Getting better at virtual demand creation techniques.

Hacking our own business development habits to continually "ladder up" what we're focused on, shedding things that are less important to continually climb, building our skills every single year.

This is a great time of year to set new strategies and commit to the habits that bring them to life.

And, to say No to the things that used to make sense, but don't any more.

Doing that will create your own personal luck factory.


What We Just Created

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What's Worth Revisiting

Speaking of that James Clear interview, this is the perfect time to watch or listen again.

This interview was really practical.

Check it out here.

What's Coming Up

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What's Making Me Smile

Last week we did something different, sending this newsletter out on Saturday.

​That day was our 15 year anniversary of founding Bunnell Idea Group. So fun! I thought it would be fun to send the newsletter out on that exact day.

​Funny thing: People liked getting this much more on Saturday.

​So, we're Saturdays from now on.

​I guess I got lucky!

What's Worth Lingering On

Ryan Holiday wrote something like this recently:

Luck is a tricky thing.

It’s not fully in our control, but as they say, you can prepare to take advantage of it if you get it.

You can make yourself luckier with the decisions you make.

Let’s just make sure that we have the right lucky target we’re aiming for—which is to be in a better position to help others, not just to get more ourselves.

(Emphasis mine.)

I couldn't agree more.

​Maybe we can create a personal luck factory with helpfulness habits.

What helpfulness habits do you want to commit to in 2021?