Create Demand By Controlling The Clock

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

Something really struck this group!

We were leading a live, virtual training this week helping one of my favorite clients creating demand with theirs.​

We were training this amazing group of experts how to be proactively helpful using our Give To Get method.

(See Module 5 of GrowBIG Training or Chapter 5 of The Snowball System for how to do use the Give To Get method without fail, at scale.)

Back to the traing: It was the math that was interesting to the group.

100% Reactive Scenario: Answer RFPs

100% Proactive Scenario: Create demand by investing in the best potential clients using our Give To Get approach

Switching from being reactive to proactively investing has 30x more value!


As a former actuary, I like 30x returns.

Seeing 30x returns for my clients makes my heart -- and HP12C -- sing.

We've done this exercise 100s of times.

While the percentages, hours and average contract values change a lot across the ~500 clients we've worked with, the 30x is remarkably consistent.

Here's the best part.

Proactively investing is WAY more fun.

Your sleeves are rolled up, helping people, using your expertise for good.

​You're working with your best potential clients not random RFPs that come your way.


You're in control, creating the future you want.

​(Side bar: I'm not saying you should never answer RFPs. Not at all. But in our experience, most organizations heavily over index answering RFPs and woefully under index spending time creating demand for the clients they'd actually like to work with. It's clear which is the better approach, and this is one of the key areas we address in our trainings. Moving from reactive to proactive is one of the most powerful results we get with our clients. So fun!)

What We Just Created

Did you catch the L. David Marquet podcast interviews that dropped this week?

​David is a former US Navy submarine commander that took his sub from worst to first in all the Navy rankings. He's now a best-selling author.

​REALLY COOL short interview with him here where we talk through his "Control The Clock" play -- it connects perfectly with the concept above!

What's Worth Lingering On

What client should be hiring you for more, but isn't?

​How can you control the clock to start the dialogue?

What can you do in 5 minutes today to get started?