Communication Style: How to Win Over Experimental Thinkers

By Mo Bunnell

Experimental thinkers are looking for the big picture. You’re going to see clues around themes, outcomes, brand, and vision.

They are looking for the right strategic fit. For the work that needs to be done, are you known for that thing?

Once you find that you’re talking to an Experimental thinker, talk about a clear vision around what you’re known for, and the high-level future state of what you can provide them. Doing things in a fresh, new, or innovative way will get you some bonus points.

A clever way or alliteration to describe what you do appeals directly to the way Experimental people think.

Leave things at a high level but let them know that your team will take care of the details.

Strive for simplicity when you are talking to an Experimental thinker and it will go a long way.

Avoid the trap of letting them zig and zag too much. Give them the flexibility to change the order but also try to bring them back in.

Offer new ideas and approaches and always tie the work back into the strategic fit with clever and crisp messaging.


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