Cannon Carr’s Favorite Business Development Strategy

By Mo Bunnell

Mo asks Cannon Carr: What is your favorite science, step, or tool from the Snowball System or GrowBIG training?

  • The most interesting science for Cannon is around habits and the metaphor of the rider and the elephant for the conscious and subconscious mind.
  • The elephant is a lot more powerful, and if you can’t control it, you are not going to get where you want to go. This is where the habits and routines come in to provide alignment with your elephant.
  • Our emotions and our habits determine most of what we do. With the right mindset around business development and our emotions and habits, we can be more successful.
  • Cannon sees this play out in client’s lives when wealth transfers to another generation. His team spends a fair bit of time helping their clients manage their own emotions.
  • You have patterns. They are either the right patterns or the wrong patterns. Putting in deliberate time and getting out of your comfort zone is how to take away the wrong ones and instill the right ones.
  • The key is to simply start and commit to 15 minutes of planning time each week. Combine purpose with a better pattern, and let it grow over time.
  • The Protemoi List is a great tool you can use to create the habit of investing into the relationships that matter the most to your business development efforts.
  • Every Friday, Cannon looks at an Excel sheet that he uses to track his business development work and make sure he is doing something every week to make progress on his most important relationships.

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