Be The Light

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

I've been writing a short piece I think you'll love. I'll share it fully soon.

The idea: 8 principles defining what great business developers believe.

Here are the first 2 principles from the current draft.

01 Growth Is Great

The present doesn’t want the future to come.

Status Quo Bias is sound science. We avoid change. Our clients avoid change.

Clients tend to use who they used before in the ways they used them.

They’re busy. They might not see a better future that includes you.​

That’s why growth is great. Growth skills are good.

Helping a client achieve a different future. A better future.

Achieving goals.

Improving lives.

Streamlining processes.

​Exceeding goals. Saving money. Making money.

Growth is great. Growth skills are good.

They’re proactively helping someone see a different future.

Proactively helping them achieve it.

Proactively helping. 

02 Rainmakers Are Rare

So if growth is great, why are rainmakers rare?

Some people don’t yet know growth is great.

Some don’t know they can learn the skills. Susan was born with it, they mistakenly believe.

Some don’t want to put in the effort. I spent 10 years to get to this point, I don’t want to learn more.

But almost everyone fears one thing: fear.

Fear of reaching out. Fear of being a nag. Fear of rejection.

But there’s a better way.

​Proactivity is positive.

​Helping is human.

Getting great at growth is worth the fight.

What's Worth Revisiting

This video on Growth Mindset is a perfect pairing with the thoughts above.

Watch it here.

(Click around the Learning Library while you're there. There are about 100 complimentary videos you can dig into and improve whatever skill you want.)

What's Coming Up

We're automating our ability to give you short, complimentary live trainings!

We're building some super cool tech to automate this.

You'll be able to:

1) Sign up a group of at least 30 people in our system for one of our complimentary email and video based trainings.

2) Have your group watch and do the exercises asychronously, at their own pace.

3) Someone on our team will lead a gratis 30-minute virtual session on the topic, tailoring it just for you and your team's needs.

Our pilots on this have been HUGELY successful.

​You can see all your training options at the bottom of this email in the section Improve Your Skills At No Charge.

​More details and a website update soon.

If you're interested in this in the slightest, hit reply and let me know. We'll roll these out in the order they're requested.

What's Making Me Smile

I saw this lately and loved it (thanks JT!):

"There is no traffic jam along the extra mile."

Roger Staubach

What's Worth Lingering On

These six words say so much:

Growth is great. Rainmakers are rare.

The world needs you right now.

​Your friends need your help to see a positive future: clarity, vision with a focus on what we can control.

​Your clients need your help moving forward against 1000 distractions: reorgs, uncertainty, changes.

​And the cool thing?

They're both the same people.

Your friends are your clients. Your clients are your friends.

What can you do in each next interaction to move your friends forward?

They need you.

Be the light.