Andrew Cogar and Mo Bunnell on Why Business Development is Important

By Mo Bunnell

Mo asks Andrew Cogar: When did you realize that business development was really important?

  • It really clicked when Andrew started thinking about business development not as a means of getting business but as a means for the firm to get the business they need to forge their own path.
  • After one particular project that went exceedingly well, Andrew understood that those kinds of projects could become a habit rather than a lucky break.
  • The GrowBIG System is essentially about doing the right things so that you have control over the kinds of clients you work with. Being proactive gives you so much work that you can pick and choose the projects that you want most.
  • It’s easier to be reactive on the front end because you don’t have to do the introspective work it takes to shape your vision and be proactive on finding the right business. It’s easier in the long term to adopt the right principles to attract the right clientele.
  • Mo and Andrew do a review of their recent experience working together. In terms of business development, Andrew was simply looking to get to know Mo and the family and understand what he was looking for.
  • As an architect, Andrew is hoping to gauge how open someone is to suggestions and that’s an intentional part of the conversation.
  • At the end of the day, who Andrew works for and who he works with, has become more important to him and the firm than what he works on.
  • Do a little research before a client meeting and come with a set of questions and follow-up questions for them. Don’t be afraid to give some ideas away during the meeting. When you give away a little, you get value back in the things you learn. If you go in with a sales pitch, you don’t learn anything. Show up with questions, not qualifications.



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