7 Ways To Deepen Relationships In Less Than 5 Minutes

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

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​Are you busy?

Are relationships important to your long-term success?

I'll bet you answered Yes to both.

​Guess what?!

​We've got your solution.

​I've worked with our team to write this...

High Impact Relationship Deepeners

Seven Ways To Deepen Relationships That Take Five Minutes Or Less

​How cool is that?


2021 High Impact Relationship Deepeners - FINAL.pdf

​So why did we create such a cool thing?

​This is going to be the download we're giving away for folks that watch or listen to episodes of Season Three of our podcast, Real Relationships Real Revenue.

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​It's full of practical tips you can put in place right away.

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What's We Just Created

Season Three of the show is turning out GREAT.

​I've been interviewing my favorite rainmakers I've ever worked with.

​Monday we start with Craig Budner, Global Strategic Growth Partner at K&L Gates.

​Craig is a practicing lawyer: a widely-known expert that gets amazing results for his clients.

​Craig is a wonderful human being too: caring, thoughtful, and always helping others.

​He has a deep expertise and a helpful nature.

Yes, Craig is a rainmaker.

​The way he invests in clients is insightful.

​The way he thinks about BD will make you think.

He drives growth by creating a win for all.

​Craig's episodes will drop daily in the coming week.

​They're short episodes, about 10 minutes long.

​They're full of practical ideas.

​And they're all fun too.

HERE is the video podcast link on Apple.

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What's Worth Lingering On

Many professionals fall prey to The Roller Coaster Effect.

​That's what we call ignoring BD and relationships when you're busy—then scrambling to do BD when work slows.

​Up and down and up again.

It doesn't work.

​Just like staying in shape, you need to do a little bit all the time.

​Doing no exercise for three months then a lot for three weeks doesn't work, and your butt hurts too.

​Great rainmakers handle it differently.

They integrate BD and relationship development into their busy workday.

Download the High Impact Relationship Deepeners thought piece. Learn how to deepen relationships in five minutes or less.

(HERE it is again, so it's handy.)

Put the methods into action.

You'll be amazed by the results.

Great rainmakers are consistently investing in their most important relationships.

​They don't think I can't do BD because I'm busy.

​Instead, they ask...

What can I fit in next week to be helpful to others?

​What can I do next week that my year-from-now self would be happy I did?

​Little investments go a long way.

They go even farther when you're busy.

Always remember...

Dig your well before you're thirsty.